Welcome to “Taking Flight”, the "Big Six" Journey to the Future.

The Big Six overview map before you explains the six most important elements for our Flight to the Future within the Shriners.

We invite you to click on any section, or any part of the visual where the red dots are seen. These indicate audio associated with that element, embedded below it. As you discover each section of the Big Six Strategy, you will see

associated text also explaining that section. The back arrows and the navigation graphic at the top right allows you easily to get back to this overview screen. This picture of The Big Six also allows you easily get to key website areas on beashrinernow.com, Shriner's Village, Shriners International, and Shriners Hospitals For Children websites. All of this combined afford Noble's the easiest way to learn about this

venerable institution and the good works we do.

At the Shriners our motto is "We Make Good Men Better".

Along your Journey in the Shriners, you will have a lot of fun, make new friends and be part of an organization that does good works that benefit the communities we live in. In fact our mission from the very beginning in 1870 has enshrined these basic tenets

described as Fun Fellowship and Philanthropy.

This tradition, from then to today, is at the bedrock of The Big Six. We build upon the Masonic core principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth. And through the Shriners Hospitals for Children we have found the ulitimate expression of our mission.

Ok let's get ready for takeoff. First, we'll hear from the guide on

our Big Six excursion, Captain Ed Collins, seen in the pilot's seat in the lower left. He has your Passport to The Future, and his co-pilot, all the young members of our fraternity, is represented as the co-pilot in the lower right.

Listen to Ed talk about the Big Six, his Journey to the present, and our journey to the future: