"Hello, I'm Ed Collins, your captain for our FutureFlight. Please fasten your seatbelts for Fun and Fellowship. Today we'll be flying with a high ATTITUDE to gain ALTITUDE. It's a fine day for flying with great visibility over the Shriner's landscape.

On our flight today we will take a look at the things that are most important to our fraternity and its future success.

As you can see, we've been preparing for this Journey for a long time via our traditions. A key aspect of the fraternity is the natural and planned transition that takes place between our experienced fraternal members to the incoming newer members. This has been an important tradition in our fraternity. Indeed it echoes the passing of the baton in life from fathers to sons.

We call this mentorship. I'll be mentoring my fine co-pilot on

this flight, First Officer Joel Noble sitting to the right. He is preparing for the future in his life, career, and family. He'll eventually to take over for me, as I did for my former Brothers in the fraternity. This is "the Way" of our organization, built at it's inception, and lived right up to the present - and beyond.

As a captain for more than 30 years I found mentorship is very important in aviation, but most especially in the Shrine as we bring in new members and learn to nurture them.

As I’ve prepared the cockpit today, we'll bring you inside the cabin of our thinking on the Big Six. First, look across the instrumentation, you’re going to see we’ve built six instrument gauges to help monitor our progress. The first gauge is Membership, the second gauge is Communication, the third- Leadership, the fourth- Temple Management, the fifth- Temple Activities, and the sixth and final gauge is Philanthropy. We’re going to take a look at each of these individually now, and talk about how this builds our passport for travel to the future.