The first strategy we’re going to look at on our Journey to the Future is Membership.

The output of membership is to Multiply our ranks.

On the Membership path you see new Shriners being nurtured. This is of great importance.

The Shriners do this using mentors who have gone through our certified mentorship program.

They will become the guides and sponsors who make first contact with potential new members entering our system via the website, then shepherd that person through the system to eventual journeyman status.

In the center of the visual is the website, our prime membership, marketing, and recruitment portal.

Through it, we receive interested people from all over the world who want to be Shriners or Free Masons and invite them to take the next step. When they express interest we pair them with a mentor. Since it’s over the internet we call it a “virtual mentor” because we want to make it easy for the younger, technically savvy, career-minded men to join, allowing them to get involved where and when they desire, on their terms. This is facilitated through technology allowing a potential member to reach us through one convenient internet portal where they then will be contacted—fast! We also are able to track their progress, and have one repository of data for that person, affording all mentors an easy way to get hold of this critical information from wherever they are, at whatever time they decide.

There’s no difference between the virtual mentor and other mentors, it just means that they met on the internet and want to take it from an electronic medium- whether that be text messaging, email, cell phones or phones- into a mouth to ear conversation.