The second strategy we’re going to talk about today is Communication. Our goal of Communication is to make sure that every Shriner is informed and engaged about the opportunities of the fraternity, the capabilities of our philanthropy, how to get help for kids and get them in our system and finally how to help as a Shriner provide care for kids.

Our membership efforts will be futile and will not yield a result, if we’re not patiently, persistently furthering the development of our membership. A key tenet for this is nurturing membership.

Nurturing is not effective unless there is a process that can be followed consistently across the entire Shriner community. For that to occur, we have to do that in our membership program, and communication is the key.

When you look at the pathway to Inform and Engage on our visual, you’ll see that we stop at Shriner’s International- our fraternal website- which does a very good job of educating new Shriners.

You’ll see the Shriner’s Village website; the purpose of Shriner’s Village is to inform and engage every noble on the benefits of the organization, ensuring every Shriner is educated on the fraternity and its philanthropy.

We teach the programs we run in our hospitals, sharing patients’ success stories. The aim here is to equip Shriners for becoming further interested to do more good works impassioned by the great things we do.

On Shriners Village we have a number of toolkits. Within these toolkits are PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, and other supporting materials to help individual Shriners learn about all of the important facets of the Shrine.

The toolkits are

  • a public relations toolkit,
  • a donor relations toolkit
  • a sports toolkit, and...
  • a membership toolkit.

You also see here in the visual a representation of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Website. This website is actually 22 hospital websites brought together under one umbrella, one for each facility in our network across the country. The sites talk about the care and treatment, the education, and the quality of our research programs. This allows us to not only educate our membership, but also inform the public of the capabilities of each of our hospitals, they’re specialty areas, and the type of care that they provide. Among these are a world class burn treatment capability, and an orthopedic specialty care capability.

In our visual, you’ll see a graphic of Shriners working on the website, communicating with nobles through phone tree programs, working on their email programs, and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate about our fraternity.

The primary reason for informing our members is to foster awareness of our events, Temple Activities, and an ongoing commitment to our Philanthropy that helps children throughout the country.

The output of Communication is to Inform and Engage.