Number three on our Big Six Strategy is Leadership opportunities for our members.

The output of Leadership is to Nurture Personal Development.

Career conscious men today will find excellent practical leadership skill building in the Shriners organization.

When you look at the path to Leadership. In Shrinedom, there are many great success stories, from Presidents of the United States, to pioneers in space travel.

Great men who started out as Free Masons on their path to becoming better men.

Men like Buzz Aldrin, pictured on our graphic, famous astronaut, who was one of the first persons to break free from the surly bonds of the earth and become one of the first humans to walk on another world. But buzz walked the path of Leadership in the Masonic order and the Shriners before he stepped on the moon.

So when we think about what it takes for good men to get better, we know that our Masonic education is the beginning, it starts in the Blue Lodge.

Once entering with an Apprenticeship degree, the candidate moves through degree work to attain the Fellow Craft degree, and eventually the Master Mason degree.

These degrees start to form the mental makeup for what it takes to succeed, the right mental processes that allow for achieving great and powerful things- not only for one’s self but more especially for others.

As we begin to work on ourselves, then and only then can we reach beyond ourselves to truly help others.

Masonic education is very important. At the conclusion of that third degree, the Master Mason is now able to join the York Rite, or the Scottish Rite for further education. On the path to leadership as we help build stronger men, we have provided other opportunities for leadership development. Such as public speaking (Toastmasters international) and leadership programs such as the John Maxwell program.

In our PR departments at our Temples, we provide Shriners the ability to become fundraisers with the donor relations program and we give them formalized educational opportunities so Shriners become more engaged and involved with the leadership opportunities of his Temple- whether as a committee chairman or Temple leadership as a raban officer and eventually as Temple Potentate and possibly at the highest levels at International headquarters.

The measure of leadership skills is our Shrine Certified Leader Program. This is a résumé builder- a Shriner who has shown himself to be interested in personal development, to be interested in helping others, who has accomplished the feats necessary to be considered a Shrine Certified Leader. The stronger they become, the more talented and capable, the more they’re able to help others, supporting our Philanthropy- Shriners Hospitals for Children.

We Nurture Personal Development via Leadership.