Number four on our Big Six Strategy is Temple Management.

How do we measure success?

The output of Temple Management is Successful Operations.

One of the ways we will manage and measure successful operations is through our Shrine Certified Temple Program. The purpose of Shrine Certified Temples is to help Shrine Temples move forward and to become more successful in their operation.

As you can see on the visual- Bronze, Silver and Gold designations will certify that this temple is among the best run and most effective in our system. The goal is to upgrade temples over time, keeping them moving forward, and effectively servicing members and allowing the Shrine organization to thrive.

At the Temple level we will give points for the successful operations of various pieces and parts of the Temple- whether it be donor relations, parading, community awareness, activities and events the Temple runs, and the work that it does to promote the goodness of Shrinedom. It will also certify this temple has successfully integrated with the Masonic community, helping Blue Lodges. Ultimately the most important element for certification is furthering Care for Kids in support of our philanthropy.

Here’s what we know: A Temple that has a plan for membership, a plan for donor relations, a plan for public relations, and has standard operating procedures and protocols for their Temple is actively involved in planning for the future, and will do great things as a Temple.

We also know that service to our members is very important. Having a well-staffed office that is ready to engage with Shriners as they do their work is paramount. They need resources to be able to connect to other Shriners help them accomplish their goals as well as their own.

We know that Temple services are very important.

A Potentate is surrounded by a strong board of directors, each of which have been trained to perform well in that job, chosen from the ranks of their nobles as men of good character and good vision who are capable of providing leadership to the rest of the members, and helping them build a better Shrine while having fun doing it.

At the top of our graphic we see an up-to-date Temple. Modern, attractive, it houses the activities the Temple supports. It is right sized for its membership, with the right technology, and the right look and feel so it is visually attractive and functional for the people who use its facilities.

Each of these areas are given points, the culmination of points gives the Temple a certification level. The purpose of Shrine Certified Temples is to help Shrine Temples move forward and to become more successful in their operation.