Number five on our Big Six Strategy is Temple Activities.

The output of Temple Activities is Fun and Fellowship for our members and their families.

As you look at the graphic you’ll see the Legion of Honor at the head of a parade displaying the colors. Shriners are patriots of our country, supportive of its causes, and representative of our countries expenditure of blood to provide us with the freedoms that we now enjoy as citizens of this great country.

You’ll see the Shriners parading as clowns, riding on motorized bikes and little cars, as Eastern Mystics riding on flying carpets, and bikers at rallies. You see how proud they are to represent themselves as Shriners. And they are having fun expressing life and liveliness.

The intention of parading is community awareness and putting smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike, who see the Shriners as an icon of the community.

In our picture you see family events, one of the most important things we provide in our Temple Activities fostering good families for a strong nation.

Fellowship is expressed in Sporting activities for our members. As you can see here we’re having fun bowling, golfing, trap shooting and fishing. Doing things together, men celebrating the fellowship of Free Masonry by being Shriners and participating in Shrine events, running Temple Activities that promote fun and entertainment.

The output of Temple Activities is fun and fellowship.