The last of our Big Six is the greatest expression of all Shrine philanthropic activity - Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The output of Philanthropy is Caring for Kids.

Over the years we’ve built great programs for helping kids. That’s our first and most important mission.

But in this mission we have also built a solid reputation for state-of-the-art research in our facilities. Educational opportunities abound for interns, residents, technicians, and experienced specialists.

Over 10,000 medical professionals have been trained in our hospitals applying the research in clinical care environments including burn treatment, orthopedic reformation and other specialty medical expertise that has become best in class Care for Kids in the world.

Another aspect of our mission seen here is Donor relations.

Donor relations are very important for providing for our our Endowment Fund, and therefore our very existence and future ability to continue our Philanthropy.

The people that work in the donor relations areas in Temples, hospitals, and national headquarters work hard to raise the necessary capital that allow for taking care of kid’s medical needs. The Donor relations professionals raise awareness through community activities such as the Justin Timberlake PGA Golf Tournament, the East-West Shrine Game, and the support of NASCAR drivers and events that cast a positive light on the Shriners and their Philanthropic endeavors.

A side benefit of caring for kids is the involvement of members themselves with patients, keeping them close to the heart of the operations. This helps them help kids. In our parades our motto is “Shriners walk so that kids can walk”.

It’s this giving back to the community that allows us to realize we’re part of something special, important, and bigger than ourselves, providing services to a fraternity that does so much for people. We provide all this through our fundraising, donor relations and community awareness activities.

The output of our Philanthropy is caring for kids.